You Can Always Choose To Shift


Every second of the day you have the opportunity to shift…


You can shift your brain to focus on thoughts that serve you.


When you do this you take ownership over how the day plays out.


This isn’t about pretty thinking, thought swapping, mantras, or affirmations.


It’s about intentionally creating the experience you want. It’s about being deliberate and intentional with your life.


When I woke up today I had the feeling of irritation. I was really irritated.


My son gets his medical care in the US. We live in Canada so we cross the border to do this. These days with the new border requirements and restrictions because of the pandemic it can feel like a real pain in the butt.


I was feeling sorry for myself and irritated that he can’t just get the care he needs in our city.


But, I intentionally made the shift to thoughts that ultimately changed how the entire day played out. It turned out to be a great day.


I deliberately chose to shift my thoughts to one’s that focused on him having access to incredible healthcare. These thoughts created feelings of gratitude and calm.


These emotions completely changed how I showed up for the day. It changed my son’s experience too because I was in control of my emotions.


Sometimes it can feel like we’re at the effect of our emotions. You might feel totally accosted by them. But, this is never the case.


You’re in the driver’s seat 100% of the time because you get to choose your thoughts, which in turn produce emotions.


You have the power to choose thoughts and feelings that serve you.


You create and are responsible for your experience.


That’s the best news ever.


When I learned this my entire life changed. Yours will too.


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