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The 3 Ways to Create Self-Confidence

After Divorce

In this guide, you will learn…


How to manage your thoughts about you

Learn the skill of managing your thoughts about yourself. To reinvent your life after divorce you have to think thoughts that serve you and release the ones that don’t (SPOILER ALERT: It’s not about BS affirmations!).


The skill of being able to handle ANY emotion

After divorce, it can feel like you’re not in control of your emotions. But, I have some good news…emotions don’t just happen to you. You are the creator of all your emotions and you can learn to manage them so you intentionally create your life.


The way to start trusting yourself

Learn how to have your own back, stop beating on yourself, and show up for yourself (like you do others!). Without that trusting relationship, you’ll continuously let yourself down. You’ll never create the life you want when you do this.

Feeling self-doubt after divorce is totally normal.

There is nothing wrong with you…


You’re not defective, broken, or doomed.

You’re not feeling self-confident because…

your brain is a liar.

It tells you a bunch of lies that stop you from feeling self-confident (more on that in the guide!).

Divorce is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and redecide everything in your life.

The 3 ways in this free guide will help you do that.

Hello! I’m Jen Ryan

MSW, Certified Life Coach


I’m a lot like you.

After my divorce, I was flooded with self-doubt. I so badly wanted to create a life I loved but lack the self-confidence to do it. My opinion of myself was low and at times it felt impossible to move forward…

But I did.


I got certified by the best Life Coaching school in the world and used the tools I learned to create a life I love from the inside out.

You can do this too. I can help.

Start reinventing your life with self-confidence today.

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