How To Create Self-Confidence


Did you know you can train your brain to create self-confidence naturally?





It’s true. You can literally rewire and train your brain to do this.


More on that in just a moment.


First things first….


It’s important to understand that there is a difference between CONFIDENCE and SELF-CONFIDENCE.


What is she even talking about?!


There is a big difference.


Let me explain.




Confidence is based on your past and knowing that you can do something because you’ve already done it before. You have evidence that you can do it.


Confidence is useful when you want to create something you’ve already created.




Self-confidence, on the other hand, is believing in your ability to create what you want WITHOUT evidence. It’s believing you can do what you’ve never done before.


Reaching your goals and creating the life you want requires you to have SELF-CONFIDENCE.


If you rely on confidence, you’ll just keep getting more of the same.


You might wonder why you struggle with self-confidence and beat yourself up for thinking self-critical thoughts.


Let me assure you, nothing has gone wrong.


You’re not defective.


What’s happened is that you’ve trained your brain to think limiting thoughts. It’s as simple as that.


But as you might guess, limiting thoughts do not create self-confidence.


The good news is that you can train your brain to think thoughts that generate self-confidence.


With practice, you can literally rewire your brain to naturally think thoughts that create self-confidence.


This is where I get a little sciencey on you….


Neuroscience has proven that the brain can form new neural connections through repetition.


You’ve trained your brain to think the same old limiting thoughts through repetition.


You’ve wired your brain to think these unhelpful thoughts. You’ve created what neuroscience calls a superhighway.


But this means it’s totally possible to rewire your brain to think thoughts that serve you.


You can build a new superhighway of thoughts that serve you.


Brains like to be efficient. Your brain has got really good at thinking the same limiting beliefs because you’ve thought them over and over.


You can rewire your brain by practicing thoughts that are useful. Your brain will become efficient at producing self-confidence.


Cool right?


This is not about chanting mantras, repeating affirmations, or positive thinking. 


Your brain knows you don’t believe any of those things. They’re too far of a stretch from your current beliefs.


To change your brain the thoughts have to be believable to you.


Enter Ladder Thoughts…


What’s a Ladder Thought?


They’re thoughts that you believe that inch your way up to your ideal thought.


They must be believable and feel better than your current thought.


Using this technique will train and rewire that brain of yours.


Here’s an example:


  • I hate my body (current thought)
  • I have a body (neutral thought you can believe)
  • I’m open to believing that my body isn’t disgusting (slightly better thought)
  • Maybe there are things about my body I can like (slightly better thought)
  • I’m considering that my body does amazing things for me (slightly better thought)
  • I love my body regardless of my weight (ideal thought)


Create some ladder thoughts for your limiting beliefs and inch your way to your ideal thought.


Practice the thought you believe over and over until you’re ready to move on to the next believable thought.


Get to neutral then start creating believable thoughts that feel better.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using this tool.


Start training your brain today. You’re worth the effort.

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