Why There Are No Good Or Bad Decisions


Did you know there is no such thing as a good or bad decision?


There are no “right” or “wrong” decisions”.


We create the experience of our decisions with our minds. 

Spending time in confusion about a decision because we fear making the wrong one is nothing but a waste of time.


When you wait to make a decision, there’s no forward movement. You stay stuck.


The truth is that every decision is made in an instant. We just waste a lot of time getting to that instant.


And, the only way to know if the decision is something you want is to make a decision in the first place.


Confusion about a decision also uses up SO much brainpower. Mulling over decisions takes up so much space in our brains.


Have you ever noticed how stressful and exhausting having an unmade decision can feel?


When we tell ourselves “I don’t know” confusion is the typical accompanying emotion. This gets us the results of no clarity and continued confusion.


There is no upside to thinking “I don’t know”. A more useful thought is “I’m figuring it out”.


Indulging in confusion rather than making a decision holds us back. It’s procrastination in disguise.


Indecision is a sneaky emotion because we think we’re just being responsible by taking our time to make a decision. We weigh the pros and cons FOREVER. This leads to no forward movement.


We also waste so much time gathering other’s opinions rather than trusting in our own ability to make decisions.


Indecision is also a fear-based emotion because we’re scared of making the “wrong” decision. It keeps us hiding.


We tell ourselves we’re taking our time to make a decision because we’re being thoughtful about it. This can also be a form of procrastination typically fueled by the feeling of fear.


We’re scared of failure or a future negative emotion we’ll feel if it’s a “bad” decision.


Set yourself a timeframe to decide. That’s it. Don’t give yourself any more time than you allotted to decide.


You’ll never propel your life forward going back and forth on a decision.


It’s also important to understand that a decision is totally neutral. This means you give it meaning with your thoughts about it. Without your thoughts about the decision, it’s merely a fact.


You create your experience of the decision. 


You might as well have your back about the decision and think thoughts about it that serve you. There is absolutely no upside to beating yourself up for making what you think was the “wrong” decision.


If you think you made the wrong decision rather than beat yourself up you can ask yourself useful questions such as:


  • How can this be a learning opportunity for me?
  • How might this be perfect for me?
  • Is it possible there is another way to think about this?
  • What if this was all happening exactly as it should?
  • What if I just wanted to be where I am?
  • What if nothing has gone wrong?


Next time you make a decision, trust yourself and have your own back. When we do this, it takes the fear out of making decisions.


We also get better at making decisions the more decisions we make. Our lives expand when we make decisions. Our lives get so much bigger because there is forward momentum.


Here’s the beautiful thing about decisions…you can always redecide.


In fact, I highly recommend that you take the time to look at your life and see if there is anything you’d like to redecide. Decide if you would choose it again. This is creating your life deliberately.


Try using the following questions next time you’re making a decision:


  • If both options turn out amazing, which one would I choose?
  • What if failure was no big deal?
  • What is the best and worst-case scenario (my coaching teacher says the worst-case scenario is missing out on the best-case scenario)
  • Can I say yes to both things?
  • 10 years from now what does my future self tell me and why?
  • What if I did know what to do?
  • What moves me toward who I want to be?
  • What would love do?
  • What if I was always either winning or learning?


Stop wasting valuable time. Take stock of what decisions you’re postponing. Commit to making a decision, take massive action, and create an experience of the decision that serves you with your mind.


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