I’m Jen Ryan

MSW, Certified Life Coach

Stop wishing for the life you want and make it a reality with confidence.

Find out the 3 guaranteed ways to reinvent your life with self-confidence inside this free guide.

You dream of having a life you love… but you doubt your ability to create it.

You want to find love… but you don’t think it’s possible for you.

You want to have a meaningful career… but you don’t think you’re smart enough, good enough, or capable.

Feeling self-doubt is totally normal.

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not defective, broken, or doomed. 

What I know to be true is that

You can create whatever you want for your life. 


You can DECIDE you will.

You can reinvent your life and create it with intention.

Reinventing yourself isn’t simply about buying a new wardrobe, losing weight, and getting a new hairstyle.

Those things will only make you feel fleetingly better. 


Because you will still have the same brain with the same limiting beliefs. 

There is no amount of retail therapy that will free you from your insecurities, fear, and self-doubt.

So, what’s the answer?



With self-confidence you will:


Do things you’ve never done before

Stop beating yourself up

Have your own back

Trust yourself

Show up for yourself

Take massive action on your goals

So, what do you want?


A loving passionate relationship?

A career you love?

Financial independence and abundance?

Improve relationships in your life?

Emotional balance?

Passion and purpose?

All of those things are possible.


As your coach, I will teach you to manage your mind.

It’s not about repeating mantras, affirmations, or thought swapping.

They don’t work.

Your brain knows they’re BS. They’re too far of a stretch from your current beliefs.

Self-confidence is a skill that can be learned.

The work we will do is about changing your brain to think thoughts that generate self-confidence.

You can train your brain to produce the feeling of self-confidence naturally.

You will learn to release limiting beliefs that don’t serve you and create new ones that do.

With self-confidence, you will be able to design the life you want and are meant for.

It’s your time.

Get started now.

Hi Friends,

I’m Jen Ryan, MSW, and Certified Life Coach.

I’m a lot like you.

I struggled with having self-confidence for many years. I held myself back from creating the life I dreamed of because I doubted that I was capable of doing it.

I would look at successful women and think they had some big secret or special DNA I was missing.

I now know that’s a bunch of BS.

I’m certified by the best Life Coaching school in the world. I was taught the best tools and ways to create self-confidence.

I now believe I’m unstoppable and each day put myself out there to create my dream life.

You can do this too.

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Kind Words

Coaching with Jen was amazing. She coaches from a supportive and non-judgmental place. Jen has a calmness about her that truly makes it very easy to open up so she could offer support in all aspects of my life. She was able to coach me through some tough situations and provide insight that kept me grounded and focused. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

Seneca G.

I’m amazed at how much my thinking changed after a single session with Jen. Coaching with her was life-changing!

Justine R.